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彈性平行- 遠距實驗音樂對話一:Francesca Simmons & 李俐錦

文|Chloe Knibbs,譯|林雨儂
全世界正在共同經歷歷史上的混亂時刻,我們希望藉由音樂感染人們找到平靜。 我們以Double Pendulum Theory(雙擺理論)概念去強化我們對標題的想像,創作開端我先吹奏笙的傳統技巧與一些即興片段,Francesca 以我的音樂素材接下去創作,接著我再倚著主題做更多即興去回應 Francesca 的音樂。

彈性平行- 遠距實驗音樂對話二:張欣 & Elaine Cheng

文|Chloe Knibbs,譯|林雨儂

Elastic Parallels Conversation III: Manuella Blackburn & Chloe Yu Nong Lin

By Chloe Knibbs. Translated by Chloe Yu Nong Lin.
This collaboration allowed me to get to know myself more and understand how significant collaboration is to me. It also gave me a chance to learn more about how to collaborate with other artists to accomplish one project quickly. Our collaboration is a beautiful balance, and respectful space where everything is balanced, and the listeners can hear our individual unique sounds.  Also, the time difference and meeting limitations helped us work efficiently to focus on our goal, and between the meeting break times, it also gave me the space to listen to the piece itself and just let the sound sing to me. 

Elastic Parallels Conversation II: Elaine Cheng & Sheryl Cheung

By Chloe Knibbs. Translated by Chloe Yu Nong Lin. 
We started with many ideas and potential common threads, from everyday sentiments to academic interests and things organically developed into one direction. I loved how we managed to be quite transparent with each other during the working process despite being physically far apart.

彈性平行- 遠距實驗音樂對話三:林雨儂 & Manuella Blackburn

文|Chloe Knibbs,譯|林雨儂

Elastic Parallels Conversation I: Francesca Simmons & Li-Chin Li

By Chloe Knibbs
We are all currently experiencing a collective worldwide chaos, so we hope to spread peace through music. We used Double Pendulum Theory to enhance our imaginations and to work around a shared concept. We started with Francesca composing with recordings of my traditional sheng techniques and then I responded to what she composed through improvisation. 


文|林迦男 Michael Lin


在過往的生命中,特別是年輕的時代,其實我跟動物們並不特別親近。真要說起來跟植物的關係可能還深厚一點。畢竟也曾經 Read More

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