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The Waterspout Lottery

A drawing by Lewis Gesner III and Lewis Gesner IV.


You can only imagine the things that fall into the sea. Sometimes, we may have a glimpse. If you follow the rocky coastline of the state, or know the winding long footpath through the dense forest, you may discover that window to the ocean’s harbored secrets. It is in the form of a waterspout. A waterspout is a column of water forming from the sea. It may be a weather phenomenon, like a water tornado, or it may be like the case in point. This spout was formed by the action of the waves at high tide. A narrow tunnel formed through the erosion of the granite cliff at the water’s edge which allows for water to rush through it with great force when the tide is just right. This can last for up to twenty minutes, that a column of water will shoot straight up into the air from the tunnel, over spectators’ heads, and soak them like in a heavy rain. Sometimes, it throws things up from the sea.

It was rumored, and then verified, that on a hot August day, two couples made the journey here to enjoy a mid-hike shower in the waters of the spout. They waited close to the opening, sweaty from their walk, expect relief. When the spout erupted, they were pelted with a rain of something very hard and heavy. They ran from the spot to the protection of some trees. Looking back, they were shocked. Shiny bits of something glinted in the sunlight as they were thrown. When the Spout receded, they approached the spot to find the ground covered with gold Spanish coins.

Some tell of the time a family was picnicking at the site, waiting for the spectacle. When the spout erupted, a huge metal ball was expelled, landed on the picnic blanket, and promptly exploded, injuring all; a mine from the second world war.

A troubled married couple, in the throes leading to divorce, took a trek to try and find some peaceful moments together. As they looked out to sea silently at the cliff’s edge, the spout erupted. The woman put out her hand, as if to check for the downpour, and something landed in it. Stepping back out of the rain, she recognized in her hand her old lost wedding ring, which had fallen off decades before while sailing. Taken as a sign, they renewed their commitment to each other on the spot, with their own private wedding ceremony, with the ring returned to the finger from which it had been lost.

While not known to many, and hard to access, still, thousands have over the years enjoyed its natural splendor without incident. Some go with the expectation of finding some treasure thrown at their feet. It was a lottery. With that thought, a graduating high school class made the trip to test their luck and celebrate the momentous day. When the spout erupted, the gathered found themselves awash with entrails and body parts. They ran from the scene in horror. The remains of an accident at sea had been coughed up.

Yes it is a lottery, as the lottery of life.



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